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A little about me. I came to the US when I was 11 years old. Without knowing a word of English. Throughout my schooling, I ran across a class or two on how to write a check and balancing a checkbook so I considered myself good at finances. 

In 2018 I came across the Financial Independence movement and fell in love with the idea. Although I was doing great living paycheck to paycheck, I realized that I had made some pretty extensive mistakes which you can read at how I got myself in 900k of debt in 4 years. 

At the time of this writing, I’m currently down from 900k to 360k with 336k of it being mortgages.

It suffices to say that over two years of finding the Financial Independence I’ve dropped almost 600k of debt. Let me tell you I sleep so much better at night now. 

During that time Mrs. MinorityFI & I did not inherit any money or have any windfall. It took hard work, dedication, and belief in the systems that are already in place to succeed in America. I’m also doing this on an average middle-class income.

My goal for this website: 

1. To pass on some of the nuggets that I’ve learned over the years on how simple it is for everyone to be financially independent. 

2.  To spread the word of FI to people like me and to let them know that it’s possible to strive for freedom instead of material stuff.

3. To pass down Information on questions that most people that I know don’t even know they have. 

I know it’s tough to talk about money and most people just ignore it as a way to cope with not having enough. This website is a way for people to start a conversation about one of my favorite tools for success (money). 

I’d like to show people how to use this tool to live a more meaningful and happier life. This is also a place for me to be accountable by sharing my mistakes and my wins. A place where I can put my deep thoughts on how to enjoy the journey while not sacrificing the destination.

Some FAQs:

How much do you make?

It took me 15 years at my current job to reach the hot salary of 56k plus Overtime, and let me tell you I can put some overtime in. Some would say that I spend more time at work than at home. I imagine that it’s the same for most people in my current situation. There’s nothing wrong with a little hard work. I appreciate working hard and I believe that it’s one of my best qualities.

Where do you live?

I live in the North-Eastern coast the US

What are your goals?

  1. Have $3000 in cash flow per month by age 55 from real estate and/or businesses 
  2. Retire from my current employer at age 57 (19 years away at the time of this writing)
  3. Build a $600k stock index fund portfolio by age 57
  4. Be the first Millionaire in my family
  5. Be the first one to retire in my family
  6. visit 60 distinct places by Age 60
what is your investment strategy: 
  1. Invest 10% of my income into my work’s traditional 401K plus the 5 % match
  2. Max out my Roth IRA
  3. Invest any leftover into rental properties.

I realize that this list is very basic and I’m ok with that because the best plans are usually not complicated. this will change over time but right now it’s a good starting point. Although the plan is not complicated it’s very easy to accomplish with a little mindfulness and faith.

Thank you for Joining and following along in our MinorityFI story.

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