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Throughout the years I’ve learned a lot from podcasts. Podcasts and Books have been my main way of learning for the last couple of years. Whether it’s been for DIY-ing or Financial Independence

This is a list of some podcasts that have made a difference in my life. These are not in any particular order but they do have a lot of information concerning Wealth, Frugality, and Financial Freedom.

If I had to go back to the days before I was on the path to Financial Independence and I had to pick a few podcasts that would give me all the information that I needed in bite size chunks that I can digest, I would start with these podcasts. Maybe if I had this information before hand I would not have dropped myself in 900k of debt in 4 years.

The best thing about  all these podcasts is that they are all Free. All it takes is your willingness to learn and a little motivation and you too can be on the path to Financial Independence too

     ChooseFi gives you the financial blueprint you need to achieve Financial Independence in the shortest time possible so you can move on with your life and spend time on things that you value.

     One of my favorite episode is  episode 38-They Why of FI—Here Brad and Jonathan breaks down why everyone should be pushing for Financial Independence. This episode provided another mindset change for me at a time I needed it most.

This is a very good podcast when it comes to learning about increasing the GAP. Basically the idea is incomeexpenses = The Gap

You invest the gap and get financially free, easy and simple. The bigger the gap the faster you can be on your way to financial independence.


My favorite episodes are the “Ask Paula” episodes when Paula answers questions from the audience.

A very good mix between frugality, real estate and index investing and one of my favorite episodes is episode 14- the pillars of Fi. This is a deep dive into the pillars of FI are broken down and talked about in a way that’s easy to understand. This is the episode that got me on board with the FI movement. This episode answered a lot of questions that I didn’t think that I had in the first place.

House of FI is awesome for me because I’m trying to get to FI with a family and Wendy and Curtis break it down how they are also on the path to Fi with 6 children in a High Cost of Living Area. 

My favorite episodes are when Wendy and Curtis talk numbers about which side hustles they are working on and how much they’re raking from them or how they . Their story is similar to The MinorityFI Family because they removed 650k of Debt in one year. The MinorityFi Family were only able to knock out 536k of our debt in one year.  

These are not all the podcasts out there that are making a difference in people’s lives but these are some of my favorites. 

If you have a podcast that you enjoy, we’d like to hear about it in the comments.

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